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Tuscany Experts is a rent with driver agency formed to meet the requirements of elite customers, who want to treat themselves with a unique HOLIDAY in SIENA and in TUSCANY to discover our enchanting region and its many cultural, historical as well as wine-and-food offerings.

Our service is characterized by professionalism and close personal contact with the customer. Our goal is to provide the most flexible services and tours possible to suit your schedule. Our wish is to pass on – with passion and competence - the love we feel for our territory, history and culture.

Using our wide range of contacts and knowledge of the area, we strive to fulfill any request from our clients, in order to create UNIQUE, CUSTOMIZED TOURS to maximize the pleasure of their stay.


Versatility and helpfullness

Our services are characterized by their versatility and our willingness to satisfy any request.

Our tours are planned with you, step by step, according to your personal needs and preferences – giving you the maximum possible flexibility and versatility.

Exclusive service

The tour is just you and your guide.


The tours we offer focus mainly on Tuscany, the place where we were born and grew up, places we know very well.

Our goal is to pass on this knowledge to give you the most memorable and pleasurable stay possible.

Professionalism and continuity of service

Our guide is there to, in the language of your choice, satisfy any questions you have on your destinations, itinerary, or local places of interest.

Additionally, since our staff come from small local firms, you can be certain to meet them on future trips every time you choose Tuscany Experts. This means you'll always see a familiar face on return visits, which is sure to happen once you've experienced this beautiful region.